Academic Planning

Students are advised to prepare short- and long-range plans according to curricular guidelines for the degree program selected. Attention to such details as semester credit loads and course sequences are recommended for optimum experiences.

Academic Advising

The academic advising program at NDSU is designed to facilitate the student's intellectual and personal growth, to assist students in using university resources, and to guide students in making informed choices regarding academic and career plans. Following admission to NDSU, each student is assigned an adviser from the college or department in which the student is majoring. If a major has not been declared, an assignment is made with an adviser in the Career and Advising Center. Advisers assist students in selecting courses to ensure a balanced education and they help interpret university and college policies and requirements. However, students are responsible for their academic decisions and meeting all program requirements including the selection of courses, meeting course requisites (co-requisites/prerequisites), and adhering to policies, procedures, and deadlines. Students are encouraged to see their adviser prior to registration and to consult the university Bulletin for all degree program requirements. Students with adviser holds are required to meet with their advisers before the hold is lifted. Adviser assignments and holds can be viewed on Campus Connection.

Degree Map is an interactive planning tool for students and advisors to plan a path to graduation. Degree Map works alongside the Academic Requirements Report within Campus Connection, so students can plan their class schedules, remaining requirements, and set academic and career goals to discuss with their academic adviser.

Advisers also assist students with campus resources, referrals, career planning, and campus policies and procedures. NDSU delivers services to support student academics and meet special needs. Refer to the Career and Advising Center for additional information and services.

Each of the academic colleges has a Degree and Records Analyst within the Office of Registration and Records who serves as a central point of contact to support and facilitate academic advising activities for faculty and professional advisers working with undergraduate (including pharmacy programs) student degree progress.