Department of Public Health

The Department of Public health is part of a culture of academic excellence, made evident by the university’s position as a top research university as reported by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education. The MPH program fosters this commitment by keeping class sizes small and providing opportunities for students to work closely with faculty on research projects.

Public health is defined as the practice of helping members of society live healthier, longer lives. More specifically, public health focuses on improving the general health of communities through efforts to monitor the spread of diseases, initiatives to prevent disease and disability, and by promoting healthy lifestyles through education and community engagement. It is practiced by multidisciplinary teams whose members’ training spans a wide array of academic and vocational fields. The MPH degree program at NDSU draws faculty from: Epidemiology; Nursing; Medicine; and Social Science. 

NDSU offers the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with specializations in:

  • Community Health Sciences
  • Community Health Sciences - American Indian public health
  • Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology - Management of Infectious Diseases
  • Epidemiology - American Indian public health

NDSU can offer you an MPH degree that will be the gateway to achieving your professional goals. It will take caring and hard-working people such as you to improve the public’s health and to make a difference!