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Class Attendance

Per the NDSU Policy Manual, Section 333 , the following applies:

  1. General Philosophy
    1. Attendance in classes is expected. Only the course instructor can excuse a student from course responsibilities. (The term course includes class, laboratory, field trips, group exercises, or other credit-bearing activities.)
    2. If class attendance is a component of the course grade, the course instructor must clearly communicate this to the class in writing in the syllabus.
  2. Faculty Responsibility
    1. The course instructor must clearly inform students on the first day of class and in writing in the syllabus (1) of their policy regarding class absence (including if supporting documentation is required; and (2) policy for making up missed assignments. It is recognized that sometimes an assignment is impossible to make-up.
    2. The course instructor must exercise a fair and consistent standard for resolving questions of missed assignments, the type, extent, manner, and time frame of the make-up assignments.
  3. Student Responsibility
    1. Students are responsible for informing course instructors of absences. If absences are known (e.g., university sanctioned activity, such as student government, judging, clubs, athletic competition, fine arts performances), course instructors shall be informed with written notification as far in advance as possible (preferably a two-week notice). Where advance notification is not possible (e.g., illness, family emergency), students should contact their course instructor as soon as possible about the absence. Veterans and student service members with special circumstances or who are activated, to include State Active Duty, are encouraged to notify the instructor as soon as possible, provide Activation Orders if possible, and inform the NDSU Military and Veterans Certification staff to facilitate a smooth exit from and successful re-entry to the University.
    2. When a student misses class for any reason, the student is responsible for contacting the instructor to make arrangements to follow the course instructor's policy in making up any missed assignments, if permitted.

NOTE: Students are responsible for all registration activity and must follow published dates and deadlines .  Non-attendance does not absolve students from course responsibilities and does not automatically remove courses from a student's academic record.