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Landscape Architecture (LA)

LA 171. Environmental Design I. 3 Credits.

Introduction to the environmental design fields of city planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, and interior design. Particular attention is given to basic design concepts, visualization, visual analysis, imagination, and creativity.

LA 172. Environmental Design II. 3 Credits.

Introduction to design studio, with practice in representational media, techniques and skills exploring drawing, visual abstraction, visual literacy relating to environmental design problem-solving, visual resolution of form and proportion, and graphic communication.

LA 191. Seminar. 1-3 Credits.

LA 192. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

LA 194. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

LA 199. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

LA 231. Landscape Architecture Graphics. 3 Credits.

This course will give some insight into the design approach used by landscape architects. It will explore the theories that influence landscape architecture and the manner in which these theories are transformed into physical environments via drawing and other graphic techniques. Prereq: LA or ARCH major.

LA 232. Design Technology. 3 Credits.

Introductory exploration of digital design media and environmental technology in landscape architecture. Prereq or Co-req: ARCH 271 or LA 271.

LA 271. Introduction to Landscape Architecture Studio. 6 Credits.

Entry-level design generation methods involving concept formation, site inventory and analysis, programming, and simple site organization and planning. Problem solving through graphic, computer-generated, and model development; oral and written communication skills. Prereq: LA major or minor.

LA 272. Parks & Open Spaces Studio. 6 Credits.

Continued design development in site organization and planning. Design issues in natural resources, land reclamation, construction technology, and rural development. Intermediate problem solving through two- and three-dimensional graphic techniques; continued oral and written communication skills. Prereq: LA major, LA 271.

LA 291. Seminar. 1-3 Credits.

LA 292. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

LA 294. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

LA 299. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

LA 322. History of Landscape Architecture. 4 Credits.

Global overview of the landscape developments from prehistoric civilizations through the 20th century using styles and trends. Emphasis on analyzing historic places and locations as a problem-solving method.

LA 331. Graphics III: Design Communication. 3 Credits.

Advanced exploration into computer applications, technologies, and design techniques as related to landscape architecture. Course emphasis towards proficient digital drafting, graphical representation and presentation strategies. Prereq: LA 232 and Landscape Architecture or Architecture majors only.

LA 341. Site Development and Detailing I. 4 Credits.

Intermediate investigations into site planning and design development with a primary focus on site design integration with the technically-related concepts. Prereq for LA majors: Second-year standing. Prereq for ARCH majors: ARCH 272.

LA 342. Site Development and Detailing II. 4 Credits.

Intermediate-level focus on fundamental site landscape and engineering issues within the construction process. Emphasis on site grading and storm water management. Lecture. Prereq: LA major or minor.

LA 371. Site Planning & Design Studio. 6 Credits.

Visual problem solving and large-scale site planning issues. Two-part focus involving the comprehensive visual inventory and analysis along with the immediate application of site planning and design skills. Studio. Prereq: LA major, LA 272.

LA 372. Community Planning & Design Studio. 6 Credits.

Cultural and environmental design issues as they relate to large-scale land planning and site design involved with residential communities. Emphasis within the studio involves site engineering and design detailing. Course includes a field trip. Prereq: LA major, LA 371.

LA 379. Study Tour Abroad. 1-6 Credits.

LA 391. Seminar. 1-3 Credits.

LA 392. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

LA 394. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

LA 396. Field Experience. 1-15 Credits.

LA 399. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.

LA 422. Planting Theory and Practice. 3 Credits.

Acquired methods advancing plant design with ecological and cultural applications in rural/urban environments. Design principles, visual properties, plant communities, structural and ornamental planting. Current garden themes, styles and construction methods.

LA 441. Site Development and Detailing III. 4 Credits.

Advanced exploration into the use of computers and computer-aided design as part of the landscape architecture construction documentation process. Seminar/laboratory. Prereq: LA 372. Coreq: LA 471.

LA 471. Urban Design Studio. 6 Credits.

Regional systems inventory, visual survey, analysis techniques, and methodologies for design problem solving through graphic, computer, and modeling development. Focus on urban studies and site planning. Studio. Prereq: LA major, LA 372.

LA 472. Remediation & Planting Design Studio. 6 Credits.

Natural resource and land reclamation management techniques as part of contemporary design in landscape architecture. Emphasis on presentation and communication. Capstone course. Course includes a field trip. Prereq: LA major, LA 471.

LA 491. Seminar. 1-5 Credits.

LA 492. Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

LA 494. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

LA 496. Field Experience. 1-15 Credits.

LA 552. Advanced Landscape Planning. 3 Credits.

Theories and practices facing landscape architects and planners in the design of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Seminar/field trip. Prereq: LA major or minor.

LA 563. Programming and Thesis Preparation. 3 Credits.

Discussion and application of a comprehensive design process for production of the design thesis. Emphasis on preparing a design program. Prereq: LA 472.

LA 571. Environmental Planning Studio. 6 Credits.

Environmental systems development and implementation of a complex design problem. Emphasis on landscape architecture design development through graphic, computer, and modeling techniques. Studio. Prereq: LA major, LA 472. Coreq: LA 563.

LA 572. Design Thesis. 8 Credits.

Capstone opportunity as a culmination of design education. Student generated design topic is fully developed and realized from master planning through design development, detailing, and documentation. Prereq: LA 563, LA 571.

LA 581. Professional Practice. 3 Credits.

Study of contemporary architectural practice covering professional development, firm organization, and project management within the context of the ethical, legal, and regulatory environment. Cross-listed with ARCH 681. Prereq: LA 472.

LA 590. Seminar. 1-5 Credits.

LA 593. Individual Study/Tutorial. 1-5 Credits.

LA 596. Special Topics. 1-5 Credits.