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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

NDSU offers excellent programs that prepare students for application to a college of veterinary medicine. All veterinary schools stress the importance of high scholastic standing and judge applicants on academic preparation, knowledge of the veterinary profession, experience and character.

Because the number of students admitted to veterinary schools is limited, prospective students should check the specific requirements of the college of their choice well in advance to make certain that preparatory work is appropriate.

Pre-veterinary medicine is not a specific major, and students are encouraged to pursue a major in their area of interest while at NDSU. In addition, students preparing for application to a veterinary school should consult with a pre-veterinary medicine advisor. Although a student may pursue a wide variety of majors while completing the pre-veterinary requirements, we recommend a major in Microbiology or Animal Science  with the Animal Biomedical Sciences option. We urge you to examine the Department of Microbiological Sciences, Pre-Veterinary Medicine website or the Department of Animal Sciences Pre-Veterinary Medicine website for further information.

Students who are admitted to and plan to enroll in a Veterinary Medical College prior to earning a baccalaureate degree from NDSU should consult with their academic adviser for options on transferring veterinary medicine credit back to NDSU to fulfill bachelor's degree requirements.