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English Minor - Literature

Minor Requirements

English - Literature Option Minor

Required Credits: 21

Required Course
ENGL 2713
Early Period Literature Survey Course: Select one3
World Literature Masterpieces
British Literature I
American Literature I
Later Period Literature Survey Courses: Select one3
British Literature II
American Literature II
Minor Electives: Select 9 credits from the following:9
200 Level Coursework (no more than 3 credits):
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Film
ENGL 226
The Bible as Literature
300 Level Coursework:
British and American Women Writers
Contemporary Women Writers
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Multicultural Writers
Literature and The Environment
19th Century American Fiction
20th Century American Fiction
Themes in American Culture
Modern Poetry
American Road Book
Film Genres and Styles
British Fiction
Non-fiction Prose
400 Level Coursework (must take at least 3 credits):
Young Adult Literature in a Multicultural World
American Realistic Literature
20th Century American Writers
Native American Literature
Topics in American Literature
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature
Topics in British Literature
18th Century Literature
Romantic Literature
Writing Elective: Select from the following:3
Writing and the Creative Process
Creative Writing
Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Creative Writing Studio
Total Credits21

 Minor Requirements and Notes

  • A minimum of 8 credits must be taken at NDSU.