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Honors Program

The Honors Program at North Dakota State University provides a signature experience for motivated students with exceptional academic potential. Combining interdisciplinary coursework, undergraduate research, experiential learning opportunities and leadership development, the Honors Program offers an integrated educational experience.


Students will practice interdisciplinary learning in their Honors coursework. Honors courses are small interactive classes of no more than thirty students. The colloquium model promotes student-centered discussion and the development of analytical and communications skills. Students will complete a core Honors curriculum that includes twelve course credits and six research and thesis credits.


Impactful undergraduate research is a defining feature of the University Honors Program. All Honors students complete a research or creative project. All projects are student initiated and designed. Students begin their research as juniors and complete the project as seniors. Students will work closely with a mentor from their field of study to complete the project. Students share finished projects publicly, at a conference, in a publication, or at a presentation


Experiential learning is geared toward achieving leadership skills. A course for second-year honors students includes the design of experiential learning plans that are carried out and completed prior to graduation.

HON 191Seminar1-5
HON 193Undergraduate Research1-5
HON 291Seminar (Experiential Learning and Leadership Devleopment)2
HON 340Colloquium in the Humanities3
HON 341Colloquium in the Social Sciences3
HON 342Colloquium in the Sciences3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Global Communities)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Development)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Technology)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Health)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Sustainability)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Creativity)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Food)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Justice)3
HON 391Seminar (Colloquium in Education)3
HON 491Seminar3
HON 489Senior Thesis1-4