Department of Aerospace Studies (Air Force - ROTC)

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Undergraduate Programs of Study

  • Aerospace Studies (minor)

Department Description

The Air Force Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (AFROTC) program is conducted by the Department of Aerospace Studies. The purpose of this program is to enable qualified undergraduate and graduate students to become commissioned officers in the United States Air Force.

AFROTC learning experiences will be of long-range value whether one pursues a military or civilian career. Upon graduation and completion of the AFROTC curriculum, each student is commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

The initial assignment options available to the Air Force second lieutenant include the following:

  1. Enter the Air Force and complete the designated technical training course prerequisite to the student’s specialty, i.e., flight training, research and development, management, or support functions.
  2. Apply for a delay in entering active duty for the purpose of pursuing an advanced degree.
  3. Enroll in one of several Air Force sponsored graduate study programs while serving with full pay as an Air Force officer.

The Aerospace Studies curriculum is divided into two courses of instruction: the General Military Course (GMC), which parallels the freshman and sophomore academic years, and the Professional Officer Course (POC), which parallels the junior and senior academic years. Students in the four-year program normally attend four weeks of field training at Maxwell AFB, AL during the summer between their sophomore and junior years. For highly-qualified students or those with some military experience, a three-year program is available. 

AFROTC college scholarships are awarded to the best-qualified students and range in length from one to five years. These grants cover the cadet’s tuition, incidental lab fees and most textbooks. In addition, cadets receive a tiered monthly allowance. For example, cadets enrolled in the Professional Officer Corps (POC) receive $450 per month during their junior academic year and $500 per month during their senior academic year. Incentive scholarships also are available for students not already on scholarship.

For more information on Air Force ROTC admission requirements and career opportunities, please contact the Unit Admissions Officer at 701-231-8186.