College Teaching Certificate

The College Teaching Certificate is a three-semester, 9 credit program
Foundation Courses (choose one)3
Introduction to College Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Fall, annually)
Teaching Workshop for Writing Instructors
Teaching and Learning in the Human Sciences (Spring, every odd year)
Teaching College Science (Fall, annually)
Electives (choose one)3
Emerging Trends in Teaching and Learning Online
Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning
Managing/ and Monitoring Learning (Spring, annually)
Instructional Methods for Adult Learners
Experiential and Learner-Centered Instruction
STEM Curriculum and Instruction (Spring, every even year)
Designing Technology-infused Learning Environments in Higher Education
Required Teaching Practicum3
792 or 892 in your home department
Total Credits9

The teaching practicum requires a minimum of 15 teaching hours, with the remaining credit hours to be dedicated to preparing lesson plans, evaluating student data, and developing assessments. The field experience will be designed in consultation with their department and a faculty teaching mentor.
Students will complete a field experience form for approval from the program director during the semester prior to the experience to ensure the practicum meets certificate program requirements.


  1. This schedule is subject to change.
  2. Every course has an enrollment cap. Please check with the individual course instructors.
  3. Once requirements are completed a student must submit the Graduation Application form. Certificate students are not required to pay the $25 processing fee.