Data Science

Our master’s degree program is designed to equip you with advanced skills for success in today's data-driven world. This strategic program seamlessly blends statistics and computer science, providing a deep understanding of data analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques while establishing a robust foundation in statistical methodologies and computational proficiency. Navigate data collection, interpretation, and cleaning intricacies, simultaneously mastering programming languages and tools crucial for efficient data manipulation and analysis. Through a specialized focus on statistics, you'll gain the expertise to extract valuable insights from complex datasets, make informed data-driven decisions, and expertly communicate findings to diverse audiences. By harmoniously merging statistics and computer science, this program empowers you to tackle real-world challenges using the power of data. Whether your ambitions gravitate towards data science, machine learning, or business analysis, our flexible master's degree, enriched by the guidance of experienced faculty from two departments, opens doors to opportunities in the dynamic landscape of data science.

Degree Requirements

DATA 720Programming for Data Science3
DATA 6223
DATA 761Applied Machine Learning3
DATA 765Applied Database Systems3
DATA 787Data Science Ethics3
DATA 711Basic Computational Statistics using R3
DATA 713Introduction to Data Science3
DATA 725Applied Statistics3
DATA 726Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance3
Electives - 6 credits required6
Applied Artificial Intelligence
DATA 660
DATA 662
DATA 650
Data-Driven Security
Statistical Big Data Visualization
Total Credits33