1. Baccalaureate degree in nursing from a nationally accredited nursing program.
  2. Undergraduate coursework in research and health assessment.
  3. Current unencumbered RN licensure
  4. Completed application to the Graduate School.
    1. Three references: two from professional colleagues that address clinical competence and potential for graduate education, and one other reference.
    2. Written narrative of professional experience and future goals.
  5. Interviews required for applicants on either the first or second Friday and Saturday of March. Dates will be determined by the NDSU School of Nursing and will be posted on their website.
  1. Family Nurse Practitioner/Doctor of Nursing Practice: A minimum of 86 (DNP) semester credits. 
  2. A maximum of nine graduate semester credits (with a grade of B or better) completed within seven years previous to admission, may be transferred from other regionally accredited colleges or universities with the consent of the student's supervisory committee.
  3. Clinical Dissertation
Core Course Requirements
Ethics and Health Policy in Nursing
Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice
Health Care Delivery Systems and Financing
Informatics in Advanced Nursing Practice
Family Nurse Practitioner Requirements (DNP)
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Advanced Health Assessment
Assessment Practicum
Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan I
Population Health/Epidemiology for Advanced Practice Nursing
Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan II
Advanced Practice Roles
An Introduction to Primary Care (Common Medical Conditions)
Clinical Applications
Advanced Pharmacology I
Advanced Pharmacology II
Family Primary Care I:Assessment and Management
Family Primary Care:Residency I
Family Primary Care II:Assessment and Management
Family Primary Care:Residency II
Family Primary Care III: Assessment and Management
Practicum IV: FNP Role Integration
Practicum V: FNP Role Integration
Family Primary Care: Specialty Practicum
Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
Applied Statistics
Clinical Dissertation
Total Credits86

Mykell Barnacle, DNP, FNP
North Dakota State University, 2008

Kerri L. Benning, DNP, FNP
American Sentinel University, 2022

Kelly Buettner-Schmidt, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
University of New Mexico, 2013

Carla Gross, Ph.D., RN
North Dakota State University, 2012

Dean Gross, Ph.D., FNP
Rush University, 1998

Carrie Nelson, DNP, FNP
North Dakota State University, 2018

Allison Peltier, DNP, FNP
North Dakota State University, 2015

Heidi Saarinen, DNP, FNP
North Dakota State University, 2010