Agricultural Sciences

 Major Requirements

Major: Agricultural Sciences

Degree Type: B.S.
Minimum Degree Credits to Graduate: 120

University Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of all requirements of the curriculum in which one is enrolled.
  2. Earn a minimum total of 120 credits in approved coursework.  Some academic programs exceed this minimum.
  3. Satisfactory completion of the general education requirements as specified by the university.
  4. A minimum institutional GPA of 2.00 based on work taken at NDSU.
  5. At least 30 credits must be NDSU resident credits.  Resident credits include credits registered and paid for at NDSU.
  6. At least 36 credits presented for graduation must be in courses numbered 300 or higher.
  7. Students presenting transfer credit must meet the NDSU residence credits and the minimum upper level credit. Of the 30 credits earned in residence, a minimum of 15 semester credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above, and 15 semester credits must be in the student’s curricula for their declared major.

For complete information, please refer to the Degree and Graduation Requirements section of this Bulletin.

University General Education Requirements

A list of university approved general education courses and administrative policies are available here.

Category C: Communication12
College Composition I
College Composition II
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Upper Division Writing
Category R: Quantitative Reasoning 3
Category S: Science and Technology 10
Category A: Humanities and Fine Arts 6
Category B: Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Category W: Wellness 2
Category D: Cultural Diversity *†
Category G: Global Perspectives *†
Total Credits39

Courses for category D & G are satisfied by completing D & G designated courses in another general education category.

General education courses may be used to satisfy requirements for both general education and the major, minor, and program emphases, where applicable. Students should carefully review major requirements to determine if specific courses can also satisfy these general education categories.

Major Requirements

Major Requirements for Agriculture Sciences
AGRI 1891
AGRI 120Feeding and Fueling the World3
ANSC 114Introduction to Animal Sciences3
ASM 115Fundamentals of Agricultural Systems Management3
BIOL 111Concepts of Biology3
or BIOL 150 General Biology I
CSCI 114Computer Applications3
or TL 116 Business Software Applications
CHEM 117Chemical Concepts and Applications3
or CHEM 121 General Chemistry I
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3
H&CE 496Field Experience4
NRM 225Natural Resources & Agrosystems3
PLSC 110World Food Crops3
SOIL 210Introduction to Soil Science3
STAT 330Introductory Statistics3
Three Agriculture Sciences Emphasis Areas
Student must select three (3) emphasis areas from the 10 areas offered below to complete the major. Each emphasis area is 12 credits and a minimum of 36 credits is required for the three areas. A minimum of six (6) credits in each emphasis area must be completed with courses numbered at the 300-400 level.36
Total Credits74
Agricultural Business and Economics Emphasis Area
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics3
AGEC 242Introduction to Agricultural Management3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Agricultural Marketing
Introduction to Agricultural Finance
Farm and Agribusiness Management II
Introduction to Commodity Trading
Principles of Real Estate
Advanced Agricultural Lending
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Economics of Entrepreneurship
Total Credits12
Agricultural Systems Management Emphasis Area
Select 12 credits from the following courses:12
Post-Harvest Technology
Electricity and Electronic Applications
Tractors & Power Units
Power Units Laboratory
Machinery Principles and Management
Hydraulic Power Principles and Applications
Management of Agricultural Systems
Total Credits12
Animal Health Emphasis Area
ANSC 218Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals3
ANSC 219Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory1
ANSC 223Introduction to Animal Nutrition2
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Introduction to Equine Studies
Domestic Animal Behavior and Management
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Applied Animal Nutrition
Animal Genetics
Fundamentals/Animal Disease
Fundamentals of Animal Disease II
Total Credits12
Animal Production Emphasis Area
ANSC 220Livestock Production3
ANSC 223Introduction to Animal Nutrition2
Select 7 credits from the following:7
Meat Grading and Evaluation
Livestock Evaluation
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Meat Animal Evaluation and Marketing
Survey of Meat Science
Domestic Animal Behavior and Management
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Applied Animal Nutrition
Principles of Meat Science
Fundamentals of Meat Processing
Livestock Sales and Marketing
ANSC 440
Physiology of Reproduction
Growing and Finishing Cattle Management
Total Credits12
Crop Production Emphasis Area
PAG 115Introduction to Precision Agriculture2
Select 10 credits from the following:10
Plant Systems Approach to Global Foods
Horticulture Science
Principles of Crop Production
Integrated Forage and Cover Crops Production Management and Ecosystem Services
Seed Technology & Production
Grain Grading
Plant Propagation
Arboriculture Climbing and Rigging Operations
Vegetable Crop Production
Greenhouse Production and Management
Potato Science
Arboriculture Science
Mapping of Precision Ag Data
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Soil And Plant Analysis
Total Credits12
Crop Protection Emphasis Area
PPTH 324Introductory Plant Pathology3
ENT 350General Entomology3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Weed Identification
Principles of Weed Science
Advanced Weed Science
Diseases Of Field and Forage Crops
Plant Disease Management
Total Credits12
Extension Education Emphasis Area
H&CE 445Designing and Delivering Nonformal Education Programs3
H&CE 446Extension Education3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Educational Psychology
Methods of Family Life Education
Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education
Researching and Writing Grants and Proposal
Total Credits12
Landscape Production Emphasis Area
PLSC 210Horticulture Science3
PLSC 368Plant Propagation3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Landscape Bidding, Contracting and Operations
Woody Landscape Plants
Herbaceous Landscape Plants
Landscape Management
Turfgrass Management
Sports Turf Operations
Arboriculture Climbing and Rigging Operations
Nursery Production and Management
Greenhouse Production and Management
Horticulture and Turfgrass Systems
Advanced Landscape Plants
Landscape Irrigation Design
Landscape Irrigation Installation and Management
Arboriculture Science
Total Credits12
Natural Resources Emphasis Area
SOIL 217Introduction to Meteorology & Climatology3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Natural Resource Management Systems
Urban-Ecosystem Management
River and Stream Resource Management
Sustainable Scenarios in Natural Resources Management
Environmental Outreach Methods
National Environmental Policy Act and Environmental Impact Assessment
Rangeland Resources Watershed Management
Wetland Resources Management
Ecological Restoration
Natural Resource Management Systems
Soils and Land Use
Total Credits12
Plant Food Production and Safety Emphasis Area
MICR 100Famine, Plague, and Cheese. Microbes: the cause and solution to the world's problems3
MICR 453Food Microbiology2
Select 7 credits from the following:7
Post-Harvest Technology
Food Processing I
Cereal Technology
Food Laws and Regulations
Food Chemistry
Food Ingredient Technology
Cereal and Food Fermentation
Food Safety
Food Microbiology Laboratory
Total Credits12

Degree and Major Notes

  • Courses cannot be used to fulfill more than one emphasis

  • Classes offered in the emphasis may require additional prerequisites; consult an advisor to plan accordingly. 

  • Classes offered in the emphasis areas and electives may be offered on-campus only or available via distance education. See the semester schedule for a listing of online classes.