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Global Business

Global business is offered as a second major program of study only. This second major combines global business courses with language training and an in-depth study abroad experience to qualify students for management positions in the diverse, multicultural, and global environment they will encounter in the future.  It is not enough to simply learn about global business: students must be well-positioned for careers of trust and leadership in the global economy.

Second Major Requirements

Major: Global Business

Required Credits: 40

I.  Primary Major Requirement

Global Business is offered as a second major only.  Students may pursue Global Business after declaring and being admitted into one of the College of Business' primary professional programs of Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing (see admission requirements for all College of Business majors).

II.  Core Requirement

I. Core Requirement
Group A
FIN 320Principles of Finance3
MGMT 320Foundations of Management3
MRKT 320Foundations of Marketing3
MIS 320Management Information Systems3
BUSN 430Legal and Social Environment of Business3
BUSN 340International Business3
BUSN 341Global Business Environment (or an equivalent study abroad course) *3
BUSN 489Strategic Management4
Group B: Complete 3 of the following:9
Global Retailing
International Management
International Finance
International Marketing
International Business Law
Export Management
II. Language Requirement **3-14
III. Study Abroad Requirement ***3
Total Credits40-51

The intent of BUSN 341 is to ensure that students participate in a study abroad experience that includes an academic component related to the country where the study abroad takes place. In addition to BUSN 341 (business environment, institutions, history, and cultures of the European Union) BUSN 394: Individual Study (business environment, institutions, history, and culture of China) may also fulfill this requirement. NDSU Study Tour (Prefix 379) courses from across campus (faculty directed experience or field study in a foreign country) or other study abroad transfer courses approved by the department chair may also fulfill this requirement. While these courses will fulfill the academic requirement portion of the study abroad experience, the student must study abroad for at least three weeks as described in study abroad footnote***.


 A second year language proficiency at the college-level is required.  Completion of any 300 or 400 level language course with a grade of B or higher will also fulfill this requirement.  For non-native English speakers, completion of any 300 or 400 level ENGL course (this includes ENGL 320) with a grade of B or higher will fulfill this requirement.

Second Year Language Proficiency includes:

(Prefix) 101: First Year Language I

(Prefix) 102: First Year Language II

(Prefix) 201: Second Year Language I

(Prefix) 202: Second Year Language II


Each student must complete an approved study abroad experience (Prefix 492). Although the core requirement of BUSN 341 or equivalent already encompasses a study abroad experience, students earning a second major in global business must study abroad for at least three weeks. In some cases, the study abroad requirement is fulfilled by one study abroad experience - e.g., a five week program in Europe or a full semester abroad. However, two shorter programs may be substituted for a longer program (e.g., the ten-day CoB spring break experience in Eastern Europe and the twelve-day CoB summer trip to China).


International students who are enrolled at NDSU will not be required to complete a study abroad experience. Instead, students must complete one of the following North American history courses: HIST 382, 421, 422, 423, 424, 425, 429, 431, 434, 436, 437, or 476. This history course will substitute for the BUSN 341 "European Business Environment or equivalent study abroad course" from core requirement group A.

Pre-Business Core Suggestions: While not required, students are encouraged to take either ANTH 111 (Introduction to Anthropology) or COMM 216 (Intercultural Communication) as a general education cultural diversity requirement option. Students will also benefit from taking GEOG 161 (World Regional Geography) as an elective.