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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Are you a people-person? Are you passionate about customer service and enriching people's experiences? Do you have exceptional work ethic and enjoy a fast-paced environment? If so, Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) is a great field for you!

The mission of the HTM program at NDSU is to develop effective and efficient leaders in a very dynamic and exciting field. Our students learn and develop leadership skills by completing coursework that increases knowledge of the industry, develops people management skills, and enhances problem-solving abilities while instilling a sense of responsibility and professionalism.

We are the only four-year HTM program in North Dakota, accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA). The program has undergone this process to ensure students receive a quality education. The ACPHA guidelines and standards help us pursue excellence in the area of hospitality administration.

  • Our program incorporates a solid foundation of general education courses vital in developing a well-rounded professional.
  • All students complete a core of fundamental courses on the management of resources such as people, materials, money, technology and time in a hospitality and tourism setting.
  • Upper-division courses concentrate on project-based, critical evaluation and production of quality services in hospitality and tourism operations.
  • Students choose professional electives in areas such as food and beverage, casino operations, professional club management, resorts, and convention and meeting planning.
  • A 24-credit minor in Business Administration is required with this major. The minor provides a strong business background on which we build depth of knowledge concerning the specifics of marketing and management in the hospitality industry.

Major Requirements

Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Degree Type: B.A. or B.S.
Required Degree Credits to Graduate: 122

General Education Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree

  • A list of approved general education courses is available here .
  • General education courses may be used to satisfy requirements for both general education and the major, minor, and program emphases, where applicable. Students should carefully review the major, minor, and program emphases requirements for minimum grade restrictions, should they apply.
Communication (C)12
College Composition I
College Composition II
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Upper Division Writing
Quantitative Reasoning (R) 3
Science and Technology (S) 10
Humanities and Fine Arts (A) 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences (B) 6
Wellness (W) 2
Cultural Diversity (D) *†
Global Perspectives (G) *†
Total Credits39

 May be satisfied by completing courses in another General Education category.

 May be satisfied with courses required in the major. Review major requirements to determine if a specific upper division writing course is required.

Major Requirements

Hospitality & Tourism Management Requirements
ADHM 140Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
ADHM 141Tourism and Travel Management3
ADHM 241Hospitality Accounting3
ADHM 360Lodging Operations Management3
ADHM 381Hospitality Marketing and Sales3
ADHM 404
Restaurant Operations Management
and Restaurant Operations Management Laboratory
ADHM 435Cost Controls in Hospitality and Food Service Systems3
ADHM 467Hospitality Law3
ADHM 479Hospitality Industry Management Strategies3
ADHM 496Field Experience3
CHEM 117Chemical Concepts and Applications (May satisfy general education category S)3
or CHEM 121 General Chemistry I
CSCI 114Microcomputer Packages (May satisfy general education category S)3
or CSCI 116 Business Use of Computers
HNES 141Food Sanitation1
HNES 261Food Selection and Preparation Principles3
HNES 261LFood Selection and Preparation Principles Laboratory2
HD&E 320Professional Issues1
Professional Elective Courses: Select 13-15 credits from the following:13-15
Global Retailing
Study Tour Abroad
Beverage Operations
Convention and Meeting Planning
Professional Catering Management
Resort Development and Management
Casino Operations
Professional Club Management
Food and World Cultures
Experiential Retailing
Study Tour
Business Continuity and Crisis Management
Business Administration Minor requires an application to the College of Business and a minimum 2.5 GPA in courses used for the minor.24
Foundations of Management
Foundations of Marketing
Human Resource Management
Select one of the following:
Fundamentals of Accounting
Elements of Accounting I
and Elements of Accounting II
Select one of the following: (May satisfy general education category B and G)
Elements of Economics
Principles of Microeconomics
and Principles of Macroeconomics
College of Business 300-400 level (9 credits)
Total Credits82-84

Degree Requirements and Notes

  • Courses taken Pass/Fail will not be used to satisfy any requirements other than total credits.

Minor Requirements

Hospitality & Tourism Management Minor

Minor Requirements

Required Credits: 18

Required Courses
ADHM 140Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
or ADHM 141 Tourism and Travel Management
Elective Courses: Select 15 credits from the following:15
Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (if not used above)
Tourism and Travel Management (if not used above)
Hospitality Accounting
Lodging Operations Management
Study Tour Abroad
Hospitality Marketing and Sales
Beverage Operations
Convention and Meeting Planning
Professional Catering Management
Resort Development and Management
Restaurant Operations Management
and Restaurant Operations Management Laboratory
Casino Operations
Professional Club Management
Food and World Cultures
Cost Controls in Hospitality and Food Service Systems
Hospitality Law
Study Tour
Total Credits18

Minor Requirements and Notes

  • A minimum of 8 credits must be taken at NDSU.

Plan of Study

The following plan suggests semester schedules that allow the student to complete his/her major/option degree program in a four year span. The arrangements of courses is based on which semesters the course is offered, the classification and the prerequisites or co-requisites required for successful completion. The Plan of Study should be used alongside the official curriculum guide and with the assistance from your assigned advisor. Remember, this is only a guide and circumstances may change the plan. 

ADHM 1403ACCT 1023 
CSCI 114 or MIS 1163ADHM 1413 
ENGL 1104ENGL 1203 
Social/Behavioral Science3Humanities/Fine Arts 3 
Wellness2-3Quantitative Reasoning3 
 15-16 15
COMM 1103ADHM 3603 
CHEM 117 or 1213ECON 1053 
ADHM 2413HNES 1411 
HTM Option/Elective3Science/Tech w lab4 
HTM Option/Elective3Humanities/Fine Arts3 
 15 14
MGMT 3203ADHM 3813ADHM 4963
MRKT 3203ADHM 4353 
HD&E 3201MGMT 4503 
HNES 2613Upper Div Writing3 
HNES 261L2HTM Op/Elec3 
 15 15 3
ADHM 4043ADHM 4793 
ADHM 404L2Business Elective3 
ADHM 4673HTM OP/Elective3 
Business Elective3HTM Op/Elective1-3 
Business Elective3Electives as needed3 
 17 13-15
Total Credits: 122-125