Class Attendance

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Per the NDSU Policy Manual, Policy 333, the following applies:

Attendance in classes is expected and important. (The term “class” includes class, online class, laboratory, field trips, group exercises, or other activities.) However, there are instances in which students are unable to attend class and in which those absences must be excused. These instances are described in the following sections. Absences not covered by this policy are excusable at the discretion of the instructor. Class attendance policies may not have discriminatory effect (intentional or unintentional) on members of a protected class (see NDSU Policy 100). Students and instructors should note that the NDSU Student Health Service does not provide students with excuses for class absences or tardiness due to illness or injury.

Review Policy 333 for specific student and instructor responsibilities, as well as details regarding absences related to University sanctioned events, pregnant students, religious accommodations, and other excused absences.

NOTE: Students are responsible for all registration activity and must follow published dates and deadlines.  Non-attendance does not absolve students from course responsibilities and does not automatically remove courses from a student's academic record.