College of Health Professions (CHP)

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CHP 125. Medical Terminology for Health Professionals. 1 Credit.

A systematic study of building medical terms and understanding their relationship to human anatomy and physiology, pathology and medical treatment. Pre-CLS, pre-RC, pre-RS, pre-Nursing, pre-Pharmacy majors will receive first preference. Remaining spots, up to the class limit, will then be open to all major programs.

CHP 184. Understanding and Developing Compassion in Patient Care. 1 Credit.

Examination of multiple perspectives on compassion, and reflection on the role of compassion and empathy broadly and in relation to healthcare. Opportunity to apply these concepts through volunteer service in a patient care setting. Restricted to Pre-Radiologic Sciences, Pre-Respiratory Care or Pre-Medical Laboratory Science majors only.

CHP 190. Critical Thinking and Academic Success. 2 Credits.

This course provides students with opportunities to develop proficient critical thinking skills as they are used in the health professions. This course will also immerse students in reasoning-related activities that facilitate academic success, teamwork, and a demonstrated commitment to the roles and responsibilities required of all health care providers. Prereq: Students must declare a pre-professional major in the College of Health Professions (CHP).

CHP 400. Interprofessional Health Care Practice. 3 Credits.

This course is designed for pharmacy, nursing, allied sciences, and other allied health students focusing on the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to function as an effective member of the health care team. Prereq: PHRM 355 for Pharmacy students and NURS 340 and NURS 341 for Nursing students. Cross-listed with HNES.

CHP 450. Complementary and Alternative Therapies: An Evidence-Based Approach. 2 Credits.

This course is designed to provide health professions students with an overview of all forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) commonly practiced in the United States. Students will develop knowledge, skills, and practical tools necessary to understand and evaluate CAM, and provide recommendations for appropriate use to patients or other health care professionals. Prereq: NURS 210 with a grade of C or better or PHRM 480 with a grade of C or better.