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Wellness Minor

A minor in wellness will promote wellness as an alternative to traditional treatment perspectives. Wellness is a critical issue in our society. The costs for physical and mental health continue to increase. However, the cost of problems in these areas expands far beyond the costs of treatment. The impact of wellness problems in the workplace, the effects of family relationship problems on children and the social costs of wellness problems are well documented. A strong focus on wellness can contribute to prevention of many of these problems and their considerable social costs.

This minor provides individuals with a multi-system and interdisciplinary approach to wellness. Students from a variety of fields will gain a broader understanding of the role of wellness in their professional and personal lives.

The wellness minor will enhance students’ skills in their major field by providing a focus on prevention and wellness applications. Students gain knowledge and skills in a number of wellness areas, including stress management, fitness, financial wellness, family enrichment, nutritional well-being and environmental wellness. This minor can be a good addition to any major because wellness is an important part of life and has been shown to impact professional success.

The wellness minor consists of a minimum of 18 credits. Students choose credits from the listed courses. A minimum of eight credits must be taken at North Dakota State University for the minor to be awarded.