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Major Requirements

Major: Architecture

Degree Type: B.S.Arch
Required Degree Credits to Graduate: 136

University Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of all requirements of the curriculum in which one is enrolled.
  2. Earn a minimum total of 120 credits in approved coursework.  Some academic programs exceed this minimum.
  3. Satisfactory completion of the general education requirements as specific by the university.
  4. A minimum institutional GPA of 2.00 based on work taken at NDSU.
  5. At least 36 credits presented for graduation must be in courses number 300 or higher.
  6. Transfer Students: Must earn a minimum of 60 credits from a baccalaureate-degree granting or professional institituion. 
    1. Of these 60, at least 36 must be NDSU residence credits as defined in #7.
    2. Within the 36 resident credits, a minimum of 15 must be in courses numbered 300 or higher and 15 credits in the major field of study.
  7. At least 36 credits must be NDSU resident credits.  Residence credits include credits registered and paid for at NDSU.

For complete information, please refer to the Degree and Graduation Requirements section of this Bulletin.

University General Education Requirements

Communication (C)12
College Composition I
College Composition II
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Upper Division Writing
Quantitative Reasoning (R) 3
Science and Technology (S) 10
Humanities and Fine Arts (A) 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences (B) 6
Wellness (W) 2
Cultural Diversity (D) *†
Global Perspectives (G) *†
Total Credits39
  •  A list of university approved general education courses and administrative policies are available here.
Architecture Requirements
ANTH 111Introduction to Anthropology (May satisfy general education category B and D)3
ARCH 231Architectural Drawing3
ARCH 232Design Technology3
ARCH 233Math for Designers1
ARCH 271Architectural Design I6
ARCH 272Architectural Design II6
ARCH 321History and Theory of Architecture I (May satisfy general education category A and G)3
ARCH 322History and Theory of Architecture II3
ARCH 323History and Theory of Architecture III3
ARCH 341Site Design for Architects3
ARCH 344Architectural Structures I3
ARCH 351Materials & Construction4
ARCH 371Architectural Design III6
ARCH 372Architectural Design IV6
ARCH 443Architectural Structures II3
ARCH 450Architectural Detailing3
ARCH 453Environmental Control Systems: Passive Principles3
ARCH 454Environmental Control System: Active System3
ARCH 461Urban Design3
ARCH 471Architectural Design V (Capstone)6
ARCH 472Architectural Design VI6
or ARCH 474 International Design Studio
ENVD 101Introduction to Environmental Design (May satisfy a general education category A)3
ENVD 102Drawing Basics for Environmental Designers1
ENVD 104Environmental Design Fundamentals1
ENVD 130Drawing Skills for Environmental Designers3
ENVD 172Environmental Design Fundamentals Studio3
PHYS 120Fundamentals of Physics (May satisfy general education category S)3
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology (May satisfy general education category B)3
Elective Requirements
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology (May satisfy general education category B)3
PHIL Elective3
Total Credits103
Architecture - Graduate Level
ARCH 763Programming/Thesis Prep3
ARCH 781Professional Practice3
ARCH 771Advanced Architectural Design6
ARCH 772Design Thesis8
Select 12 credits from the following: (May be repeated, except for identical course offering)12
Non-Western Architectural Traditions
Historic Preservation
Architectural Technology
Architecture or the Recent Past
Current Architectural Theory
Vernacular Architectural Traditions
Sociocultural Issues
Professional Topics in Architecture
Total Credits32

Degree Requirements and Notes

  • Courses listed on this curriculum guide will lead to both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and to an Masters of Architecture degree.
  • If a student receives a grade of “D” or “F” in studio, he/she will be required to repeat the studio class the following year, before advancing to the next studio course. 
  • A student must complete at least 60 semester credits of professional level course work in his/her program while in residence and enrolled in the college. Students transferring into the college from programs with professional accreditation are exempt from this residency requirement but are subject to the residency requirement of NDSU.