Coatings and Polymeric Materials

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Minor Requirements

Coatings & Polymeric Materials Minor

Minor Requirements

Required Credits: 16

Required Courses: Select 16 credits from the following:16
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
Laboratory, Chemical, Radiation, and Biological Safety
Environment and Chemical Industries
Polymer Synthesis
Applied Polymer Science
Coatings' Materials Science
Polymer Practicum
Coatings I Laboratory
Coatings II Laboratory
Corrosion and Materials
Corrosion and Materials Laboratory
Total Credits16

Minor Requirements and Notes:                                                                                   

  • A minimum of 8 credits must be taken at NDSU.
  • If CHEM 341 Organic Chemistry I/CHEM 341L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory and CHEM 342 Organic Chemistry II/CHEM 342L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory are required for Major degree, the credits cannot also count toward a minor in Coatings and Polymeric Materials. CHEM 353 Majors Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and CHEM 354 Majors Organic Chemistry Laboratory II can be substituted for CHEM 341L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory and CHEM 342L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory.
  • Chemistry majors taking CPM minor are required to have CPM 473 Polymer Synthesis.
  • One CPM Laboratory Course (CPM 484 Coatings I Laboratory, CPM 485 Coatings II Laboratory, CPM 483 Polymer Practicum, CPM 487 Corrosion and Materials Laboratory)