The Anthropology graduate program is open to qualified graduates from universities and colleges of recognized standing. To be admitted with full standing to the program, the applicant must meet the Graduate School's requirements and have adequate preparation in anthropology.

Students will write a master's thesis (Plan A), complete a comprehensive study paper (Plan B), or pursue a culminating experience (Plan C). The student's schedule of courses must be approved by the faculty adviser.

The Master of Arts or Master of Science in Anthropology thesis option (Plan A) requires a minimum of 30 credits, including16 didactic credits. Plan B and C options require a minimum of 30 credits, including 21 didactic credits.

Thesis (Plan A) and Master's Paper (Plan B) Options

Theory-oriented Anthropology course (ex. ANTH 680 Development of Anthropological Theory3
Methods-oriented Anthropology course (ex. ANTH 681 Qualitative Methods in Anthropology)3
Didactic Courses (601-689, 691; 700-789, 791; 800-889, 891)8-15
Additional coursework to complete the required credits4-8
Research (minimum of 6 thesis credits or 2 paper credits)
Master's Thesis
Master's Paper
Total credits:30

Comprehensive Study (Plan C) Option

Didactic coursework (601-689, 691; 700-789, 791; 800-889; 891)21
Additional courses9
Total Credits30

Additional coursework can include additional examination credits (ANTH 797), Field Experience (ANTH 695/795), Practicum (ANTH 794), and/or additional didactic courses in the student's area of study.  

John L. Creese, Ph.D.
University of Toronto, 2011
Research Interests:  Collaborative Indigenous Archaeology, Spatial Analysis, Household and Settlement Archaeology, Material Culture, Theory, North America and Great Lakes

Kristen R. Fellows, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania, 2013
Research Interests: Anthropological Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory, African Diaspora, Archaeology of Plantations; Colonial Encounters; Globalization and Transnationalism; Feminist Archaeology, the Caribbean; North America

Ellen B. Rubinstein, Ph.D.
Yale University, 2012
Research Interests: Medical and Psychological Anthropology, Diagnosis, Disability, Care, Aging, Family, U.S. Primary Care, Cancer Survivorship, Japan