Academic Policies

Academic policies, procedures, rules, guidelines and regulations are all part of academic compliance and are adopted to insure that programs at North Dakota State University are consistently of high quality. It is the responsibility of NDSU students and employees to comply with the standards set-forth within this publication and any regulation published on the NDSU website. These policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, and regulations maintain NDSU's academic compliance with federal and state regulations and meet quality standards set forth by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Academic Advising & Career and Advising Center

Academic Calendar & Final Exams

Academic Credit

Academic Honesty and Integrity

Class Attendance

Co-Curricular Activities


Degree Types and Diploma Information

  • Degrees Awarded at NDSU
  • Degree Posting
  • Diplomas


Grades and Grading

  • Grades and Honor Points
  • Mid-Term and Final Grading
  • Grade Changes
  • Grade Appeals
  • Grades of Incomplete
  • Repeated Courses

Military and Veteran Certification

Project 65


  • Auditing & Wait Listing Courses
  • Changes in Registration
  • Dual Career Registration
  • Collaborative Registration
  • Summer Session

Repeated Courses

Student Credit Load

Student Transcripts

Tri-College University

Graduate Policies

  • General Graduate School Policies
  • Master's Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Assistanships
  • English Language Proficiency Procedures for Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Graduate Student Appeals Process

Undergraduate Policies

  • Academic Planning
  • Credit by Examination
  • English and Math Placement
  • General Education
  • Classification
  • Degree and Graduation Requirements
  • Scholastic Standing
  • Transfer and Test Credit