Student Credit Load

  Enrollment Status Eligibility for MOST Federal Financial Aid Tuition Cap Max Credits for Registration
Status used for loan deferments, enrollment verifications, etc. (Student must be eligibile) Varies by type of aid (refer to Student Financial Services)* Credits over the cap are at no additional cost to the student. Tuition cap refers to NDSU tuition charges only. The max credits that students can enroll in per semester.**
UGRD - Fall/Spring/Summer Semester Half-time= 6 cr.; Full-time=12 cr. 6 cr. minimum half-time aid; 12 cr. for full-time aid 13 cr. 20 cr. (15 for summer)
PROF PHARM - Fall/Spring/Summer Semester Half-time=5 cr.; Full-time=9 cr. Half-time=5 cr.; Full-time=9 cr. 13 cr. 20 cr (15 for summer)
GRAD - Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters Half Time=5 cr. Full Time=9 cr. 5 cr. minimum half-time aid 9 cr. for full-time aid No tuition cap, except ARCH at 13 cr. 15 cr. (may vary by program)

Undergraduate Students

The recommended credit load for undergraduate students is 15-18 hours per semester during a standard academic term (fall/spring). Undergraduate and professional student full time status is 12 or more credits per semester.  Half time is 6 credits per semester. Undergraduate students are limited to 20 credits per semester (15 credits in the summer). Students who find it necessary to exceed this credit limit must have an NDSU minimum institutional grade-point average of 3.0 to be eligible to petition for an overload. The Petition to Exceed Maximum Credit Load is available online.

Graduate Students

Graduate student full time status is 9 or more credits per semester. Half time is 5 credits per semester. Graduate students may enroll in up to 15 credits per semester. Students wanting to exceed the credit limit must submit the Over 15 Credit Petition form.