Degree Posting and Diploma Information

Degree Posting

Undergraduate students must declare their intent to graduate with the Office of Registration and Records. Graduate students must also declare their graduation intent with the Graduate School. Degrees are posted to academic records three times per academic year - at the close of each semester. Conferral date of the degree is the last day of finals week, which is the last instructional day of the term. It takes approximately three weeks for the degree to be posted to the academic record at the close of the semester in which degree requirements were reviewed to be successfully completed. 


Diplomas are mailed approximately five weeks following the close of the academic semester in which graduation requirements have been completed. Neither diplomas nor official transcripts will be released for students who have outstanding debts owed to the university or who have select other holds. Students are responsible for submitting name and address updates for diploma processing. Should a diploma be returned for an insufficient address, the Office of Registration and Records makes every attempt to obtain an updated address. When an updated address is not available, it is held in the Office of Registration and Records for one year, after which time a student will need to request a diploma replacement.

A diploma replacement service is provided by the Office of Registration and Records for those who have lost or damaged their original diploma.