Grades and Grading

Mid-Term Grading

As an early intervention effort to improve retention and academic progress of students, faculty are encouraged to enter deficient mid-term grades of D and F, at minimum, in undergraduate courses. Notifications are sent to students with reported deficient mid-term grades and to academic departments/advisers. For all courses, mid-term progress updates shall be made available to students upon request. Mid-term grades are not considered official grades and do not appear on student academic transcripts.

Final Grades

Grades for all students in all degree-eligible courses are entered by the grade loading deadline each term to allow important end-of-term academic and financial processes to run, and to ensure timely notifications may be sent to students. Final grades entered into Campus Connection by instructors are posted to student records approximately 2-3 business days after the close of final examination week.

Grade Changes

With the exception of incomplete grades, a course grade issued by an instructor and recorded on an academic record is considered final. For the student who has reason to believe the grade issued is incorrect, the student must initiate a request for a change of a grade with the instructor within fifteen (15) instructional days of the first day of the semester immediately following the semester in which the grade was assigned. For Spring Semester courses, the request may be made within fifteen (15) instructional days of the start of Fall Semester, if the student is not enrolled for the summer term. If deemed appropriate, the instructor may submit a change of grade to the Office of Registration and Records via a Grade Reporting Form. Grade changes may only be considered for students who have not yet earned a degree.

Grade Appeals

If a grade dispute between the student and instructor is not resolved through the grade change process, the student may engage in the full, formal Grade Appeals process outlined within the NDSU Policy Manual, Section 337: Grade Appeals Board. Grade appeals may only be considered for students who have not yet earned a degree.

Grades of Incomplete

Under extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor, a student may be assigned a grade of Incomplete (I). The following policies apply to Incomplete grades:

  1. The grade of Incomplete is assigned to indicate that satisfactory work has been completed up to within five weeks of the semester end, and that circumstances beyond the student's control prevented completion of the work. The time period is proportional for variable length courses and summer session.
  2. The grade of Incomplete is not to be given in any instance where the student has a deficiency of more than five weeks (or equivalent) of work including final exam week.
  3. Grades of Incomplete are initiated by student request. The student must contact the instructor, request an Incomplete grade, and, upon instructor approval, make arrangements to complete the work.
  4. The grade of Incomplete (I) is an administrative grade that may only be entered by the Office of Registration and Records, except in courses designated as practicum, internship, individual study, field experience, or study abroad.
  5. FORM and DEADLINE: An Incomplete Grade Reporting Form detailing the work to be completed, expected completion date (see #6), and grading standard is to be completed by the course instructor.  This is an electronic form submitted to the Office of Registration and Records by the grade submission deadline for the semester in which the course was taken.
  6. Grades of Incomplete, including those for most course types identified in #4, must be removed no later than the end of the seventh week of the next full semester (fall or spring) or by the completion date set by instructor if other than the standard seventh week. The time period is proportional for variable length courses and summer session.
  7. Grades of Incomplete are removed when the student has completed all course requirements and the instructor of the course files a Grade Reporting Form.
  8. All grades of Incomplete that are not removed within the specified time are automatically changed to 'F' grades by the Office of Registration and Records.
  9. Instructors may specify completion deadlines for remaining work on the Incomplete Grade Reporting Form earlier than the standard deadlines.
  10. Requests for extensions beyond the expected completion date require approval by both the instructor and the chair of the department offering the course. The extended deadline must be indicated on the Incomplete Grade Reporting Form and may not exceed two Incomplete conversion/deadline cycles. If a grade is not submitted by the specified deadline, the Incomplete grade will convert to a grade of 'F'. Contact Registration and Records for date extension.
  11. Grades of Incomplete, which convert to grades of 'F', earned in the last semester of attendance by a student who leaves the university for two or more years may be changed to Withdrawn ('W') upon re-enrollment. Requests for this privilege must be filed with the Office of Registration and Records during the first term of re-entry.
  12. An Incomplete grade may be converted to a letter grade (or P/F, S/U) according to the above guidelines, but may not be expunged from the record.
  13. Students may not register in courses in which they currently hold grades of Incomplete, except for courses that are repeatable for credit.
  14. Students are not allowed to graduate with Incomplete grades on their academic records. Upon graduation, unconverted Incomplete grades will convert to grades of 'F'. If a course in which an Incomplete grade was assigned is required for graduation, the instructor may extend the deadline according to the above procedures and timelines, and graduation will be postponed.
  15. Students who receive grades of Incomplete or converted grades of F may appeal disputed grades in accordance with NDSU Policy, Section 337: Grade Appeals Board.