Project 65

Individuals aged 65 or over may audit one course per semester free of tuition and related mandatory fees as outline within North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Policy 805.3: Fees. First time Project 65 participants must complete an application through the Office of Admission to get started. Once the application is complete, participants are responsible for course selection and need to obtain a Class Permit from the academic department teaching the course. The instructor/department staff will issue the Class Permit with the Project 65 authorization. Class Permits must be received in accordance with published dates and deadline for the semester.

As a course auditor, participants of Project 65 are encouraged to purchase the textbooks for their courses. The transcript of a Project 65 participant will show a grade of 'AU' (audit) for the course, which will not count as credit toward a degree. By definition, an auditor may attend class only as a listener. Participants wishing to earn credit must be fully admitted to a degree program, pay all tuition and fees and complete all course assignments and tests.

Participants may contact Registration and Records with questions about the program.