Leadership and Managerial Skills

The Leadership and Managerial Skills Graduate Certificate is designed to help participants improve their skills relating to decision making, communicating, negotiating, working in teams, and leading. In addition to learning theoretical aspects of these areas, the courses in the certificate also provide opportunities for students to improve their “soft skills” relating to working with other people and organizations. 


The certificate requires 8 credits of study, comprised of the following four courses.

This program request is to establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Leadership and Managerial Skills delivered by North Dakota State University (NDSU).  This request is in accordance with SBHE policy 403.1 and established procedures for Academic Requests. The program requires 8 credits.  The required courses will be offered face to face at the NDSU College of Business.  Program courses have already been approved and scheduled for instruction, beginning fall semester 2018.  The intent is to launch the certificate program for spring semester 2019, allowing existing students to retroactively enroll in the program. The program will be delivered with existing resources as the required courses for the program are part of the faculty’s current teaching assignments.  This certificate program is designed to complement the NDSU Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree by providing MBA students the opportunity to obtain a certificate in a specific area of concentration.  It also provides the opportunity for other NDSU graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals in the community to gain relevant skills and knowledge for business practice.  The courses that make up the certificate provide students with knowledge of theory and an opportunity to improve their “soft skills” relating to working with other people and organizations.  These skills are important for businesses and non-for-profit organizations operating in North Dakota.  Interviews with employers in the Fargo metro area have underlined the need for soft skill development in the pool of potential managers.  This certificate will help those completing the program to address this skill shortage and compete in the labor marketplace.

MBA 731Leading and Managing Teams (Leading and Managing Teams)2
MBA 732Managerial Leadership: Essential Competencies2
MBA 733Management Decision Making 2
MBA 734Negotiations 2