Mechanical Engineering

Plan of Study

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: A Sample Program Guide provides an unofficial guide of program requirements and should be used by prospective students who are considering attending NDSU in the future. It is NOT an official curriculum and should NOT be used by current NDSU students for official degree planning purposes. Note that the official curriculum used by current NDSU students can vary from the Sample Program Guide due to a variety of factors such as, but not limited to, start year, education goals, transfer credit, and course availability.

To ensure proper program completion, enrolled students should utilize Degree Map and Schedule Planner in Campus Connection and consult regularly with their academic advisor to ensure requirements are being met.

MATH 1654MATH 1664
ENGL 1103ENGL 1203
CHEM 1213CHEM 1223
ME 1112ME 2123
Humanities & Fine Arts Gen Ed3ME 2213
 Wellness Gen Ed2
 15 18
MATH 1293MATH 2663
MATH 2593COMM 1103
IME 3303PHYS 252
ME 2223ME 2133
ME 2233ME 3513
Social & Behavioral Science Gen Ed/Global Perspectives3 
 18 17
ECE 3013ECE 3061
ENGL 3213ME 3613
ME 3314ME 4423
ME 3523ME 4543
Technical Elective3Technical Elective3
 ENGR 3273
 16 16
ME 4213ME 4123
ME 4433ME 4623
ME 4573Technical Elective3
ME 4613Technical Elective3
Technical Elective3Social & Behavioral Science Gen Ed3
 15 15
Total Credits: 130

Degree Notes:

  • Students who transfer any 30 or more credits into the program are not required to take ME 111.
  • No grades less than 'C' will be accepted to fulfill a degree requirement.
  • No more than nine credits of approved technical electives may be taken outside the ME department.
  • Admission to the Mechanical Engineering Professional program requires a minimum 2.70 engineering GPA and a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.
  • A 2.50 cumulative GPA is required for graduation requirements.