Military Science

The North Dakota State University Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program provides college-trained officers for the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard. Army ROTC enhances a student's education. It provides unique educational opportunities by combining leadership and management theory with actual hands-on experience. Army ROTC helps the student to develop leadership skills to include self-discipline, physical stamina and advanced life skills — the qualities basic to success in any worthwhile career.

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the Army ROTC program may pursue careers as officers in the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, or the active Army. Students selected for active duty will receive a generous salary in excess of $55,000 per year, with housing and medical benefits, and will have opportunities to travel to assignments throughout the world. Students selected for reserve components receive more than $10,00 per year and amazing health insurance for attending for drills and annual training while pursuing their civilian careers. More importantly, the professional experience in management and leadership will enhance the student's marketability in any profession, civilian or military.

Program Description

The Army ROTC program consists of a two-year Basic Course and a two-year Advanced Course. The Basic Course is normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years. During these two years there is no military obligation for non-contracted cadets, and a student may withdraw at any time. Students who have taken Junior ROTC, have active duty military experience, or are currently a member of a Reserve/National Guard unit may receive placement credit for the Basic Course.