The certificate in publishing prepares students to work within the unique framework of the publishing industry while gaining experience in the top skills employers seek among college graduates: communication, problem solving, ability to work in a team, and project management. The certificate in publishing delivers an educational experience that allows students to learn about the history, business, and practice of publishing scholarly and literary works. The courses offer in-depth, experiential learning with a decades-old publishing house, applying current methods and customs of scholarly and literary publishing, all while meeting real-time production deadlines and schedules in preparation for national distribution of North Dakota State University Press books. The key topics for the certificate in publishing focus on the process of managing the creation, publication, and distribution of print and electronic books and other text products, and preparing individuals to manage the editorial, technical, and business aspects of publishing operations. The certificate in publishing includes instruction in product planning and design, editing, author and public relations, business and copyright law, publishing industry operations, contracting and purchasing, product marketing, electronic publishing and commerce, the history of publishing, and professional standards and ethics.