Social Work & Human Development and Family Science

Sample Program Guide

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This guide is not an official curriculum. This guide is a sample four-year degree plan of how students might plan this major with other degree requirements to complete their education in four years.Student plans will vary from this sample due to a variety of factors, such as, but not limited to, start year, education goals, transfer credit, and course availability. To ensure proper degree completion, enrolled students should utilize Degree Map and Schedule Planner in Campus Connection and consult regularly with academic advisors to ensure graduation requirements are being met.  

ENGL 1103COMM 1103
HDFS 2423ENGL 1203
PSYC 1113POLS 115 or 2153
Science & Technology Gen Ed3SOC 1103
Humanities/Fine Arts Gen Ed3HDFS 2303
 15 15
HDFS 2503ECON 105, 201, or 2023
PHIL 2103HDFS option course (Family or Aging)*3
PSYC 2123Science & Technology with Lab4
Science & Tech Gen Ed3SWK 330: Human Behavior & Soc Env3
SWK 250: Interpersonal Skills3SWK 335: Methods I - Individuals3
SWK 256: Development of Social Welfare3 
 18 16
HDFS 2753STAT 3303
PSYC 2703HDFS Any Level Elective3
HDFS Option Course (Family or Aging)*3Humanities/Fine Arts Gen Ed3
SWK 331: Family Dynamics3SWK 426: Methods II - Groups3
SWK 430 or HMS 2793SWK 402, 428, 430 or HMS 2793
 15 15
HDFS 3533HDFS 496**1
HDFS 3901SWK 490 Field Education12
ENGL 320, 325, 358, or 4593SWK 491 Senior Seminar3
HDFS Option Course (Family or Aging)*3 
HDFS 300- or 400-level elective3 
SWK 427: Methods III - Organizations3 
 16 16
Total Credits: 126

Adult Development & Aging option courses are HDFS 360, 480 (offered odd falls), 482 (offered even falls); Family Science option courses are HDFS 341, 357, 462 


Students should NOT enroll themselves in HDFS 496 via Campus Connection. The NDSU Registration and Records office automatically enrolls students in the course during the student's teaching semester.