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School of Education

Programs in education at NDSU are administered by the School of Education. Our graduates are prepared to be teachers, counselors, and school administrators and to assume various additional roles in education and throughout the community. Program graduates are capable of working effectively with diverse populations. Through course work and field experiences, students come to an appreciation of - and commitment to - cultural diversity and the elimination of inequitable instructional and institutional practices.

Construction Management

...Equipment 3 CM&E 703 Advanced Project Planning...Management, Construction Materials, Engineering Education, Computational Modeling Abdul...

EDUCĀ 703. Research, Measurement and Program Evaluation. 3 Credits.

Methodology and design of research studies; organization, reporting analysis, and interpretation of research.

MUSCĀ 703. Foundations of Music Education. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the basic foundations inherent in the study of music education at the graduate level, with the emphasis on the development of a personal philosophical perspective that accounts for historical, philosophical, practical and sociological perspectives. Prereq: admission to the Master of Music program.