Minor Requirements

Minor: Gerontology

Required Credits: 19

Minor Requirements

Area One: Social Gerontology
SOC 440Sociology of Aging3
Area Two: Developmental Psychology of Aging (Select one from the following):3
Adult Development and Aging
The Psychology Of Aging
Area Three: Wellness and Aging (Select one from the following):3
Nutrition,Health and Aging
Life Span Development
Area Four: Macrosystems
HDFS 480Community Resources of Later Life3
Area Five: Internship/Practicum4
A minimum of 4 credits of internship or practicum is required for this area.
Area Six: Elective (Select one from the following):3
Medical Anthropology
Personal and Family Finance
Seminar (Topic must be aging related)
Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences I: Techniques
Sociology of Medicine
Death and Dying
Family Dynamics of Aging
Total Credits19

Minor Requirements and Notes

  • A minimum of 8 credits must be taken at NDSU.