Minor Requirements

Minor: Pre-Law

Required Credits: 21

NOTE: A student completing this minor may not take any of the pre-law minor classes in the political science major/minor.

Core Courses
POLS 230Judicial Process3
POLS 231Law and Society3
POLS 430Constitutional Law-Civil Liberties 13
or POLS 431 Constitutional Law-Criminal Justice
POLS 444International Law 13
or POLS 446 International Criminal Law
COMM 214Persuasive Speaking3
or COMM 216 Intercultural Communication
Additional Law-Related Courses - Select two courses from the following:6
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Criminal Law and Procedure
Criminal Court System
Communication Ethics and Law
Environmental History
Traditional Logic
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Constitutional Law-Civil Liberties (if not used in the core) 1
Constitutional Law-Criminal Justice (if not used in the core) 1
Crime and Public Policy
International Law (if not used in the core) 1
International Criminal Law (if not used in the core) 1
Forensic Psychology
Total Credits21

One class of the pair must be used in the core and the other class may be used toward the six credits of the additional law-related courses.

Program Notes:

  • All course pre-requisites apply.