Minor Requirements

Minor: Pre-Law

Required Credits: 21

NOTE: A student completing this minor may not take any of the pre-law minor classes in the political science major/minor or toward other degree requirements (i.e. general education, college, or other major related requirements).

Core Courses
POLS 230Judicial Process3
POLS 430Constitutional Law-Civil Liberties 13
or POLS 431 Constitutional Law-Criminal Justice
POLS 444International Law 13
or POLS 446 International Criminal Law
Communication Requirement
COMM 214Persuasive Speaking3
or COMM 216 Intercultural Communication
ENGL 320Business and Professional Writing3
or ENGL 358 Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Additional Law-Related Courses - Select two courses from the following:6
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Criminal Law and Procedure
Criminal Court System
Communication Ethics and Law
Environmental History
Traditional Logic
Social and Political Philosophy
Constitutional Law-Civil Liberties (if not used in the core) 1
Constitutional Law-Criminal Justice (if not used in the core) 1
International Law (if not used in the core) 1
International Criminal Law (if not used in the core) 1
Forensic Psychology
Total Credits21

Program Notes:

  • All course pre-requisites apply.