Transfer and Test Credit

Evaluation of Transfer Credit from International Institutions

According to North Dakota University System procedure 411.5, international transcripts must be submitted to an approved external credential evaluation service. Obtaining an evaluation is the sole responsibility of the student. Evaluations must be submitted according to the guidelines listed below. The policies for the evaluation of transfer credit listed for Domestic/US Institutions also apply to international transfer credit.  NDSU students participating in an approved study-abroad program and international students transferring from a North Dakota State University partnership institution are exempt from submitting an external credential evaluation.

North Dakota University System Common Course Numbers

Institutions in the North Dakota University System have established common course numbers (CCN) to facilitate transfer within the University System. Under the CCN agreement, transfer students who have successfully completed CCN courses will not be required to retake them at NDSU unless their degree program requires a higher grade. However, CCN courses will not fulfill residence requirements nor will 100- and 200-level courses fulfill the upper-division requirement for graduation.

Evaluation of Military Credit

North Dakota State University accepts military courses recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE). Students who have completed military courses may receive transfer credit from NDSU. When evaluating military courses, the Office of Registration and Records will follow the criteria illustrated below:

  1. Only Joint Services Transcripts that are sent electronically from the American Council on Education will be considered official and will be accepted. 
  2. Courses listed under “Military Courses” will be accepted for credit. Courses listed under “Military Occupations”, “College Level Test Scores”, and “Other Learning Experiences” on the Joint Services Transcript will not be accepted for credit. 
  3. Basic Military Training courses will transfer as an elective but will earn credit towards the General Education Category: Wellness (W).
  4. Each course listed under Military Courses will be awarded the number of credits recommended by the American Council on Education. 
  5. Courses that do not have an NDSU equivalency will be set as electives. These courses will be evaluated per the American Council of Education’s recommendations.
  6. Courses that are recommended as vocational or graduate level will not be accepted for transfer. 

Joint Services Transcript Order Information:

Website: Joint Services Transcript Request