Bakr Mourad Aly Ahmed, Ph.D. 
Virginia Tech, 2002
Creative/Research Interests: Beach Resort Design, Sustainable Design Modeling, Eco-Tourism Development, Building Capacity Measures, Advanced Environmental Planning

Mark Barnhouse, M.Arch.
Pratt Institute, 1988
Creative/Research Interests: Water Resources and the Built Environment, and the Graphic Interpretation of Parametric Data about the Built Environment

David Bertolini, Ph.D.
Temple University, 2007
Creative/Research Interests: Architecture and Film Theory, Ideology and Aesthetics

David A. Crutchfield, M.Arch., AIA
University of Texas at Austin, 2004
Creative/Research Interests: Theoretical Inquiry into Architecture as the Interrelation of Nature, Culture, and Aesthetics; Innovation, Analysis, and Critical Evaluation of Eco-social Design; Sustainable Design in Professional Practice

Heather L. Fischer, MDS-HP
Boston Architectural College, 2014
Creative/Research Interests: Architectural Drawing; Environmental Design/Planning; Historic Preservation; Public Policies; Rural/Cultural Landscapes, and Planning

Paul H. Gleye, Ph.D. 
University of California Los Angeles, 1983
Creative/Research Interests: Place-making, Historic Preservation, City Centers

Charlott Greub, M.Arch.
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 1992
Creative/Research Interests: Art, Urban Planning, and Design

Susan Kliman, Ph.D.
University of Arizona, 2015
Creative/Research Interests: Desert Architecture, Energy Modeling, Sustainability

Ganapathy Mahalingam, Ph.D.
University of Florida, 1995
Creative/Research Interests: Computer-Aided Architectural Design, Architectural Acoustics, Computational Modeling of Design, Interdisciplinary Research, Architectural Philosophy and the Architectural Genome Project

Ronald H.L.M. Ramsay, M.Arch.
University of Texas at Austin, 1992
Creative/Research Interests: Architectural History, Historic Preservation, the Progressive Era, Planning History, Professionalization, Faith and Form

Regin Schwaen, M.A.A. 
City Building, Arkitektskolen i Aarhus, 1992
Creative/Research Interests: Urban Buildings, Conceptual Models, Minimal Concrete Structures, Visual Communication

Cindy Urness, M.Arch. 
Pratt Institute, 1988
Creative/Research Interests: Building Technology, Urban Design, Utopian Cities, Sustainable Design, Universal Design, Student Success

Stephen Wischer, M.Arch., MFA 
University of Calgary, 2004
Creative/Research Interests: History/Theory, Existential Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Relationships, Art, Embodied Artifacts, Process, Experience and Poetics