Community Development

Students will write a master's thesis (Plan A), complete a comprehensive study (Plan B), or pursue a culminating experience (Plan C). The student's schedule of courses must be approved by the faculty adviser.

Core Courses Credits16
Foundations in Community Development
Principles and Strategies of Community Change
Community Development II: Organizing for Community Change
Community Analysis: Introduction to Methods
Community and Regional Economic Policy and Analysis
Community Natural Resource Management
Specialization Track credits 15
General Elective Credits (Choose one of the following)3
Basic Grant Development and Management
Not-for-profit Management
Community Leadership and Capacity Building
CED 798Master's Thesis ( or creative component (max 6 credits))6-10
Total Credits Required36

Natural Resource Management Track

CED 731Ecological Economics3
CED 733Sustainable Communities3
CED 735Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas3

Working with Native Communities Track

CED 721Introduction to Native Community Development3
CED 723Building Native Community/Economic Capacity3
CED 725Wellness in Native Communities1
CED 726Youth Development in Native Communities1
CED 727Indian Country Agriculture and Natural Resources1
CED 728Role of Tribal Colleges in Economic Development1

Building Economic Capacity Track

CED 741Economic Development Strategies and Programs3
CED 742Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis1
CED 743Cost-Benefit Analysis1
CED 744Local Economic Analysis1
CED 745Land Management Planning3