Spanish Education

Sample Program Guide

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This guide is not an official curriculum. This guide is a sample four-year degree plan of how students might plan this major with other degree requirements to complete their education in four years.Student plans will vary from this sample due to a variety of factors, such as, but not limited to, start year, education goals, transfer credit, and course availability. To ensure proper degree completion, enrolled students should utilize Degree Map and Schedule Planner in Campus Connection and consult regularly with academic advisors to ensure graduation requirements are being met.  

First Year
ENGL 1103COMM 1103
Wellness Gen Ed2EDUC 3213
Humanities/FA Gen Ed3ENGL 1203
Social & Behavioral Science Gen Ed3Humanities/FA3
Quantitative Reasoning Gen Ed3Science & Technology Gen Ed3
Free Elective3Complete Core Academic Skills Exam or access your ACT+ scores 
 17 15
Second Year
EDUC 3223EDUC 4513
SPAN 3113SPAN 3123
Science & Technology Gen Ed3SPAN 401 or 4023
Spanish American & Peninsular Lang3Spanish American & Peninsular Lang3
Spanish Civilization & Culture3Free Electives3
Apply to the School of Education  
 15 15
Third Year
EDUC 4812-3SPAN 49215
EDUC 4893 
SPAN Elective3 
SPAN Elective3 
Science & Technology with lab Gen Ed4 
 15-16 15
Fourth Year
EDUC 4752EDUC 4851
EDUC 4863EDUC 4879
SPAN 4891EDUC 4883
Social & Behavioral Science Gen Ed3 
SPAN Elective3 
SPAN Elective3 
Apply for Student Teaching  
Complete PLT (grades 7-12) Exam  
Complete Subject Area Assessment Exam  
 15 13
Total Credits: 120-121