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EDUCĀ 487. Student Teaching. 9 Credits.

Supervised teaching in an approved and accredited school. Includes an on-campus seminar. May be repeated. Prereq: EDUC 321, EDUC 322, EDUC 389, EDUC 451, EDUC 481, EDUC 482, EDUC 483, EDUC 486, admission to School of Education. Coreq: EDUC 485. {Also offered for graduate credit - see EDUC 687P.}.

School of Education

Programs in education at NDSU are administered by the School of Education. Our graduates are prepared to be teachers, counselors, and school administrators and to assume various additional roles in education and throughout the community. Program graduates are capable of working effectively with diverse populations. Through course work and field experiences, students come to an appreciation of - and commitment to - cultural diversity and the elimination of inequitable instructional and institutional practices.