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CM&E 712. Construction Management. 3 Credits.

This course provides advanced topics on responsibilities and issues that construction professionals typically encounter as they administer a construction project. F.

Construction Management

The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering offers three separate and distinct construction management graduate programs as listed below. Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) The Master of Science in Construction Management program is an on-campus, research-focused degree. The program consists of a total of 31 credits (24 credits of course work, 6 credits of research/thesis, and 1 credit of seminar). Students are expected to significantly contribute to the development and delivery of scholarly publications and to the development and submission of research grant proposals as determined by the major adviser. Master of Construction Management (MCM) The Master of Construction Management program is a 100% online professional program consisting of 30 credits of course work (10 courses offered within a 12-month period) and the Associate Constructor (AC) Exam. The program provides a  learning experience constituting a distinct knowledge-base and a specific set of associated skills within the areas of construction estimating, scheduling, project management, finance, safety and quality, and techniques and equipment at the professional level.  Graduate Certificate in Construction Management (CCM) The graduate certificate in Construction Management program provides a 100% online program consisting of 9 credits of course work (3 courses offered within a 12-month period) within the areas of estimating, scheduling, and project management at the professional level. These three areas constitute a body of knowledge that represents the fundamental core of construction management.