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ENTRĀ 201. Introduction to Entrepreneurship. 3 Credits.

Business majors and minors, non-business majors, and non-degree seeking students will receive an introduction to the entrepreneurial process, evaluating the market feasibility of new product and business ideas, and launching an entrepreneurial venture. Students will develop an understanding of the business concept and business model. They will develop a general understanding of the basic functional areas of business, and will have the opportunity to evaluate what entrepreneurship involves.

Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design

...required ENTR 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 or MGMT 470 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management ENTR...

Business Administration

...110, MATH 144, ECON 201 or 202, and...MRKT, ACCT, FIN, MIS, ENTR (includes courses cross...