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LANGĀ 701. English Language and Classroom Skills for International GTAs. 3 Credits.

LANG 701 is designed to help international graduate students become effective teachers by developing the language and teaching skills necessary to meet the expectations of undergraduate students at NDSU. Students gain practical experience in classroom leadership, lesson planning, and presenting lessons. Course activities, assignments, readings, and discussions focus on discourse-level proficiency in the culture and rhetoric of the classroom. Students with test scores that don't satisfy language proficiency requirements to TA must also take an oral skills graduate course: LANG 702, LANG 606, or LANG 704. Upon successful completion of 1) LANG 701, 2) a co-requisite graduate-level oral skills course, and 3) a Mock Teaching Exam designed in coordination with their department, students are qualified to be a TA at NDSU. Prereq or Coreq: LANG 702, LANG 606, or LANG 704.

English and Mathematics Placement

...Fargo, ND 58108-6050; (701) 231-8463. Students...required to begin in LANG 109 must successfully...

Credit By Examination

...Registration and Records at 701-231-7981 College...A HL English A Lang and Lit 4...