Artificial Intelligence

Minor Requirements

Artificial Intelligence

Required Credits: 19

Required Courses
Select one from the following:4 or 6
Computer Science I
Computing Fundamentals in Python I
and Computing Fundamentals in Python II
CSCI 222Discrete Mathematics3
or MATH 270 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
CSCI 372Comparative Programming Languages3
or CSCI 312 Survey of Programming Languages
CSCI 426Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3
Additional Electives - select 6 credits from the following:6
Introduction to Data Science in Python
Fundamentals of Data Engineering
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and the Environment
Autonomous Command and Artificial Intelligence for Robots and Other Cyber-Physical Systems
Hardware Design for Machine Learning
Introduction to Machine Learning
Total Credits19-21

Minor Requirements and Notes:

  • A grade of C is required in all courses for the AI minor.
  • A minimum of 8 credits must be completed at NDSU
  • Cannot be declared with the Standard track or the Data Science track of the B.S. in Computer Science.