International Studies (INTL)

INTL 110. Introduction to International Studies. 3 Credits.

An interdisciplinary course which introduces students to a variety of global topics, concepts, and perspectives.

INTL 379. Global Seminar. 1-6 Credits.

NDSU instructed experience or field study in a foreign country. Conducted in English for residence credit. Pre-requisite: Prior approval by International Student and Study Abroad Services and major department. May be repeated. Standard Grading.

INTL 394. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

INTL 401. Life and Politics of US-Mexico Borderlands. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to help students access a greater understanding of the political and cultural realities of the US-Mexico Borderlands through academic texts, literature, pop culture, and history. This is a reading intensive course.

INTL 488. Integrated Senior Project Proposal. 1 Credit.

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students in the International Studies major to develop their Integrative Senior Project in collaboration with their peers and NDSU faculty.

INTL 489. Integrative Senior Project. 2 Credits.

This course involves the independent research and writing of an integrative senior project paper which will serve as the capstone of the International Studies major. Prereq: INTL 488 and International Studies majors only.

INTL 494. Individual Study. 1-5 Credits.

INTL 692. Global Practicum: Study Abroad. 1-15 Credits.

Pre-Arranged study at accredited foreign institutions (study abroad), domestic institutions (National Student Exchange) or on approved study abroad programs. Pre-requisite: Sophomore standing and prior approval by International Student and Study Abroad Services and major department. Graded 'P'or 'F' (Undergraduate), or 'S' or 'U' (Graduate).